Please join our webinar to learn about SBA loan programs and the business outlook forthcoming
March 24th 10am PST

Here is what we will be addressing:

  • How much recovery funding is available for small businesses
  • SBA 7A & 7B programs –
  • The Impact act of 2020 – Less documentation and streamlining applications
  • Payroll, vendor payments and working capital

We want our customers to know we will get through this together

What is the business outlook ?

  • U.S. businesses will bring back our domestic products
  • Advance manufacturing will be the key to speed
  • Finding additional opportunities inside your industry
  • Automation and Technology to run your company
  • How to keep your credit in good standing while we recover

We will be addressing your concerns. There are a lot of questions about SBA programs and what tomorrow looks like for small businesses.

Please join me this coming March 24th 10am PST to address issues of funding, business and recovery.

Relief Efforts Webinar


03/24/20 10:00 am – 03/24/20 11:00 am

We will email you the gotomeeting information.

Barbara Griffith