Equipment Financing

Recognizing that technology continues to change and companies continue to invest in capital equipment, financing plays a vital role in staying current with new equipment and the upgrades that come with them.

Why Choose Financing?

Preserve working capital
Tax advantages
Easy and simple process
Predictable low monthly payments
Many customers like to get pre-approved so they know their budget

Benefits of Equipment

Cash flow
Convenience and speed
Conservation of capital
Lower upfront costs
Flexible pay structure

Easy 5-Step

Step 1: Apply
Step 2: Get Approved
Step 3: Select Your Equipment
Step 4: Documentation
Step 5: Funding

You are eligible if:

Sole Proprietor
Independent Contractor
Startup business
Located in USA and Canada

Get Pre-Approved

Send the completed application
and SCL Equipment Finance will
get right back to you with
your pre-approval.


If you have a question, please email
us at
Or Call Monday -Friday
9am-5pm PST

Do your customers know how much they can save by buying equipment NOW and taking advantage of the IRS Section 179 deduction?

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