How to Improve Your Credit Score
Take 3 Steps to Improve your FICO

Your credit score is one of the most important numbers you can have. Take steps to improve your score.

credit scores chartCredit Scores

750 – 850 Excellent – This represents the best score range and best financing terms. 13% of the nation’s population has scores about 800.

700 – 759 Very Good – Qualifies a person for favorable financing. 58% of Americans have credit scores above 700.

660 – 699 Good – A score in this range will usually qualify for most loans. Typically represents a consumer with no late payments.

620 – 659 Fair – May still qualify but will pay higher interest. For most credit grantors this is usually considered the cutoff line between good and risky credit.

How to Improve Your Business Credit

Here is a simple tip to help you improve your business credit score
  • Check your D&B Report
  • Diversify your banking relationship
  • Open a credit line with another Bank
  • Not your current bank
  • Ask SCL for a copy of your D&B report

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